What is Data Integration and Why Does it Matter? 

Data integration was once time-consuming, and many companies still rely on manually integrated data to keep all records up to date. However, automation is leading the charge for businesses preparing for a more efficient, connected future. In fact, automation for data integration is transforming the way organizations collect and use their data, eliminating both inefficiency and the potential for human error.

Does my Company Need a Custom Business App?

Businesses today are using custom business apps more than ever. Specialized software has transformed the way organizations operate in an increasingly complex business world, and having the right tools can have significant benefits over traditional programs. Many businesses, especially in the world of insurance, may not even be aware of the different kinds of business applications available and their potential impact on efficiency. 

Pros and Cons of Using Vendor Management Systems

Vendor Management Systems

A vendor management system helps businesses find, engage, and manage their workforce through a software suite designed to take care of business processes from end to end. From the very first meeting to the final closure of a deal, vendor management systems are designed to accurately monitor and evaluate time, cost, and quality through data-driven […]

3 Signs You Need to Undergo a Process Change

process change

Business processes indicate how well your organization can complete tasks and under what level of efficiency. However, only 4% percent of companies are effectively measuring and managing how their processes are running, impacting the amount of work an organization can complete and its bottom line. If you’re an organization leader that isn’t quite sure if […]